Jessie McNeil


Jessie has clients around the globe. Specializing in youth coaching, marriage & relationships, and entrepreneurship.


Let Jessie motivate and inspire your students to dream bigger and defy the odds. Jessie specializes in developing the youth. He's helped countless students overcome some of life's toughest trials.


Jessie is a budding Author sharing is timeless insight with the masses. He hopes his story will inspire others to dig deeper and believe in themselves more.

Jessie McNeil

Once you know, you can’t unknow!

Jessie comes from humble beginnings. Raised in Tampa, Florida by a single mother, life was never easy. At a young age Jessie was confronted with vice and crime that could have led him astray.
Many of his childhood neighbors found themselves in prison or the grave before the age of 25. Jessie on the other hand made a decision to trek a different path. He fell in love with sports and made it his goal to excel and find a way out of the trap. Not knowing his father, he gravitated to strong men in the community. He sought guidance and instruction for life. His choices paid off.
Jessie graduated High School and enrolled into the University of South Florida to remain close to home. He joined the football team and continued pursuing his dream….

“Jessie is a dynamic speaker. His heart, his energy, and his realness are all qualities I admire. I’ll come hear him speak every chance I get.”

Chris Waters, Tampa, FL


Jessie's New Book

Jessie’s debut book is a collection of poems and anecdotes that will make you think, feel, and cry. From his heart to your heart.

This I know about life